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Looking to Secure Your Game Fencing? Plastic Droppers Are What You Have Been Searching For

South Africa's wild game and agricultural sectors are faced with the devastation of veld fires. This destruction is indiscriminate in the havoc it wreaks, and consumes both game and grazing grounds, leaving game farms with double the devastation. It is because of this that we have developed plastic droppers capable of withstanding the heat generated by veld fires. Our plastic droppers are SABS-tested to withstand the relentless onslaught of fires.


The droppers' flashpoint, which refers to their melting point, has been tested to be 250 °C. This is noteworthy, because the direct heat in front of a veld fire is normally up to about 200 °C. Put simply, it means our droppers are unlikely to suffer fire damage, and will keep your game fencing standing strong in the face of unrelenting veld and wildfires.

Enjoy Stronger Game Fencing from Resilient Plastic Droppers

By choosing our durable and quality plastic droppers, you are choosing to better secure your game fencing, and thereby enjoying better performance from it. If you are in search of a solution to expensive and rust-prone steel droppers that are far too appealing to criminals for their scrap value, then you have found it. Our solid droppers are a viable and affordable alternative to steel droppers, as well as to some of the inferior, poor-quality, hollow plastic droppers that have unfortunately started to permeate the market. Rather opt for the real McCoy.

Another aspect that sets our plastic droppers apart from others on the market is the fact that they have grooves, instead of ridges, to hold your game fencing's wires in place. It is just one more aspect that sets our droppers apart, and what makes them perfectly suited to the modern game farm. You will be hard-pressed to find another plastic dropper on the market that can rival the effectiveness and durability of our droppers.

Save by Using Durable Plastic Droppers

Our products are both durable and long lasting, and are offered at competitive prices. We guarantee competitive rates at all times, and endeavour to continually produce products that add great value to our clients' businesses and farms. Do not settle for anything other than the best, and boost your game fencing's strength and durability with quality droppers.

Thanks to our large buying power, we can keep our products competitively priced. It has never been this easy to keep your game fencing strong and secure. Speak to us today to learn how our products can help you keep your game fencing standing stronger for longer.

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