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Plastic Droppers – The Answer to Expensive Farm Fencing

Are you looking for ways to cut down on the costs of your farm fencing? Of course you are. However, you do not want to compromise on the quality of the fencing, as it plays an important role in the protection of your livestock and other assets. With plastic droppers, you have finally found a solid dropper that is both tested and approved by SABS.


We have developed quality plastic droppers for farmers that weigh up favourably against steel units. Why was there a need to introduce an alternative to steel droppers in the first place, you may wonder? Steel droppers failed farmers in various ways, where plastic droppers have been able to meet the challenges of modern farm fencing. Steel is prone to rust, and steel droppers are often stolen to be sold as scrap metal. They are a constant expense for farmers.

Plastic droppers suffer none of these drawbacks. Our solid droppers are the answer to other cheap and hollow alternatives on the market. We have designed them with grooves rather than ridges, in order to keep wires in place more securely and deliver a stronger more reliable farming fence. Let our plastic droppers help to keep your livestock safe.

Keep Your Farming Fence Secure and Strong with Plastic Droppers

All our droppers are designed to keep farming fencing strong and reliable, and livestock safe. With a breaking strength of 25 kN during tests, and only starting to stretch at 3,01 kN, it just further illustrates the droppers' ability to keep your farm fencing stronger and more secure for far longer. Our droppers are manufactured using high-density polyethylene, and they are respected throughout South Africa for unmatched quality and strength.

What is more, our products also offer unmatched anti-erosive properties, and since our droppers are both reliable and affordable, you are guaranteed to enjoy great return on your investment. You do not need to paint or repaint the plastic to ensure its longevity, unlike with steel units, and this cuts down on ongoing maintenance and upkeep requirements.

Our team of seasoned specialists works hard to deliver the state-of-the-art droppers needed to keep our clients' farm fencing strong and secure. Since our droppers are entirely weather resistant, they are also guaranteed not to snap like other hollow semi-solid droppers tend to do. To learn more about our range of plastic droppers, and how it can help keep your farm fencing secure, speak to us today. We look forward to providing you with all the information needed to make an informed purchasing decision.

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