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Why Plastic Droppers are Well-Suited for Concrete Fencing on Farms

Concrete fencing is often required on farms where livestock farming is practiced. Concrete posts have the advantages of not being affected by rust and being exceptionally strong and durable. Removal of a concrete post is simply not possible without special tools or extreme power.


However, having the entire perimeter around a camp or farm made from solid concrete wall is not economically feasible. Instead, the farmer uses appropriate wire. Droppers are needed to ensure optimal tension and spacing between wire cables. This prevents livestock from breaking through the fence, causing damage to crops or risking injury.

Droppers used in concrete fencing range from the conventional wood and steel types to the modern plastic droppers made from recycled material. The plastic droppers have several advantages over conventional droppers including, but not limited to:

·         Rust resistance – plastic does not corrode like metal.

·         Not in demand by scrap metal thieves and thus not stolen.

·         Fire resistant, unlike wooden droppers that burn.

·         No maintenance needed – you do not need to recoat the droppers every few years.

·         Manufactured according to SABS standards and you thus have quality assurance.

·         Easy to install – you save on labour costs.

·         Durable and strong – the solid plastic droppers do not snap like the hollow droppers do.

·         Weatherproof – can withstand the harsh sun and water.

The droppers we supply for concrete fences are thoroughly tested and made from recycled and high-density polyethylene. As such, you can use the droppers even with electric fences, as the plastic will not conduct electricity. The droppers feature prominent ridges for secure fence connection.

Reduce your environmental footprint with droppers made from recycled materials, whilst also reducing your need to maintain the concrete fence tension with these droppers that are durable, maintenance free, corrosion resistant, fire resistant and non-conductive. 

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