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The Role of Plastic Droppers in Garden Fencing

Garden fencing may be needed for security reasons, to keep pets in, and to protect small children from straying into the street. However, the neatness of the fence is extremely important, especially in the urban environment where regulations regarding garden fences are in place. Many homeowners opt for electric fencing on top of their conventional walls, palisades, or wire-mesh fences for added security. The droppers used in the electric fencing must not conduct electricity. This means metal droppers cannot be used, while wood poses a fire hazard. The best option for electric fencing is to use plastic droppers. However, the hollow types often snap and as such, homeowners are looking for a more durable solution, such as solid, high-density, polyethylene droppers.


These droppers keep the wire tension correct and because they are solid, they do not snap. Being made from plastic, the droppers are corrosion resistant. In addition, the homeowner doesn’t have to apply protective coatings, so they are maintenance free. Of course, homeowners need droppers for their garden fences that will last for years. In this regard, it is important to choose the right droppers from a reputable manufacturer or supplier. Only choose droppers that are manufactured according to SABS standards and have been thoroughly tested.

The droppers must have prominent edges for easy and secure connection with the wires and posts. Just one weak link in the electric fence and the homeowner’s security is compromised. Criminals look for such weaknesses and it is essential to select droppers that will withstand the elements without failing. Another factor to consider is that of the garden fencing’s environmentally friendliness. With the international trend towards eco-friendly building solutions and the minimisation of human impact on the environment, using plastic droppers made from recycled material adds to the environmentally friendly profile of the house.

UV protection is equally important. The dropper must not fail as the result of cracks and material degradation due to sunlight exposure. Taking the time to review the available options for droppers suitable for garden or electric fencing is important if the homeowner wants to maximise the effectiveness and aesthetic appeal of the fence. The plastic droppers are also used with normal wire fences around homesteads. Though strictly speaking not garden fences, these homestead fences must also be aesthetically appealing, yet strong enough to prevent animals from breaching them. With solid plastic droppers, the wire tension is guaranteed, while the risk of fire or corrosion damage to the fences is essentially eliminated.

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