Wire Mesh Fencing

Main Applications of Wire-Mesh Fences in South Africa

Wire-mesh fencing is versatile in the sense that it can be used for a variety of applications. Made either from stainless or galvanised steel, this type of fence is strong and suitable for agricultural, residential, or industrial applications. We look at some of the applications below, showing you why the use of high-quality droppers, such as our Y-droppers and solid plastic high-density polyethylene droppers, is essential to ensure the wire’s tension strength.


Industrial Usage

The fences are often installed near highways to keep pedestrians from crossing the road, and at industrial premises, where the fences are connected to alarm systems with barbed wire on top.

Alternative to Screens on Verandas

Many farm houses have verandas around the house. Instead of the conventional screens to keep mosquitoes and flies out, farmers in risk-prone areas often opt to add wire mesh for security around their home verandas. The wire mesh creates a stronger barrier than a conventional window screen, giving the dogs in the house ample time to respond to attempted intrusions. With the wire-mesh house perimeter, it is also difficult for criminals to peak through open windows.

Security Perimeter

Wire-mesh fencing is particularly popular for security applications, because the fence type is neat, aesthetically perfectly acceptable, and secure, with fence holes ranging in diameter from 5 to 6 mm. The small holes make it difficult to cut the fence, as tools are normally too big for the available leverage space.

Camping Off Animals

Whether the homeowner wants to create a separate space for the family dogs or the farmer wants to create camps for vegetable gardens, wire-mesh fencing is perfect. Not even pigs can lift the fence if it is properly secured and the tension is set with high-quality solid plastic droppers. Rabbits and small animals cannot get through, so the vegetable garden can be protected. These types of fences don’t have sharp edges, making them well-suited to animal enclosures.

Residential Garden

Whether the homeowner wants a reasonably affordable fence for the entire garden or simply for fencing off the backyard, wire-mesh fencing does the job. It is also safe enough to install at playgrounds, since the holes are too small for children’s heads or arms. Several colours are available. The fence is strongly integral, because of our plastic or Y-droppers, ensuring that the fence can also be used for climbing plants.

Unless the tension of the wire between the posts is correct, the fence will gradually collapse and become easier to breach. To keep it neat and functional, we recommend using high-quality, durable, fire- and corrosion-resistant plastic or Y-droppers from our product stable. 

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