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When it comes to erecting and maintaining a fence, there is much to be considered. One has to consider every component of the fence in order to put in place a sound ongoing maintenance strategy. Firstly, the posts used must be treated if they are made from wood. Metal posts must also be corrosion resistant. The wire of the fence or the fencing strands must be kept the correct distance apart and they must be tensioned correctly. With passing time, the tension of the wires might change and then it is essential to adjust them accordingly, or the integrity of the fence could be compromised. 


If you do not make use of the best materials, you could soon find yourself losing game and livestock, because the fence can be too easily compromised and breached. One critical component in the construction of a fence is the plastic dropper. They hold several advantages over metal and wooden droppers.

Eminently reasonable plastic dropper prices allow you to invest in the best materials for your fence. Their grooves hold the fence strands in place, while also maintaining the proper tension. They are easily installed, and because they are made of plastic, they do not conduct electricity and so will not be the cause of an electric fence short. In the past, metal droppers were used, but they conduct electricity, which called for additional insulators, and were often stolen in order to be sold as scrap metal. 

Plastic droppers are different. They are not attractive to scrap metal thieves and the fact that they are made from recycled thermoplastic also means that they are resistant to heat, exposure to the elements and also provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a decent fence, while supporting green practices, because they are made from recycled plastic.

When investing in the right brand and quality of plastic droppers, you can expect them to withstand exposure to the harshest elements and offer a long service life. When it comes to durability and strength, we have absolute faith in our product. With us on your side, you not only benefit from the best plastic dropper prices; we can also assist you with finding the right fencing supplies at the right prices with our preferred suppliers.

For more information on our plastic dropper prices and to find out how our product can add value and functionality to your fence, contact us via email or telephone at Plastic Droppers today.


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