Farm Fencing and How Plastic Droppers can Benefit It

100% recycled plastic material droppers are making sustainable farm fencing in South Africa possible. This product has received silver Best Recycled Product Award from the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation. Plastic droppers first made an appearance in the farm fencing industry a number of years ago when fencing specialists and the farmers who invested in fencing sought alternatives to unsatisfactory steel and wooden droppers. The problem prior to the introduction of plastic droppers was that fencing droppers lacked quality and/or rust resistance and, without a competitor on the market, not much could be done about it.


Typical farm fences are constructed with supporting poles and wire strands that run between them. The droppers are designed and manufactured to keep the wires spaced evenly and to ensure that the fence is strongly integral and well supported. The plastic dropper has deep and evenly spaced grooves that hold the fencing strands in place more securely than steel droppers’ ridges. Our plastic droppers made for farm fencing are SABS tested and also made from 100% high-density polyethylene, derived from recycled containers that would otherwise have filled up our landfill sites.

As a farmer, some of your focus should be on being environmentally responsible and reducing your carbon footprint. Those looking for low-carbon alternatives for their fencing will find it in recycled plastic droppers, but not just their material makes them an environmentally safer option. The fact that these droppers are so light also means that less carbon emissions are produced during transportation, as far more droppers can be transported per consignment, compared to wooden and steel droppers.

Safety is another important aspect. Steel droppers conduct electricity and so may cause shorting circuiting of electric fences. This is not the case with our plastic droppers, as they are non-conductive. As these droppers are often used for electric farm fencing, another boon is that they do not absorb or trap water. The plastic dropper fairs quite well in veld fires, because they are fire-retardant.

The resilience of the plastic dropper also makes it a better option when game and livestock are involved. In many instances game and livestock will come into contact with the fence and it is important for the dropper to be able to handle an impact without being too rigid, as this can cause injury, or too flexible, causing it to bend permanently. 

To learn more about how our plastic droppers can be beneficial when used with your farm fencing, simply contact us via email or telephone today. 


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