Garden Fencing Accessories, Fittings, and Security Features

Garden fencing solutions take various styles and forms. Whether you are using wooden poles or metal fencing stakes, if your fence has wire strands, you will have to think about reinforcing the fence for durability and strength. Wire fencing is often chosen for garden environments as they provide for the perfect barrier between properties and can also help to contain domestic animals and deter potential criminals easily gaining access to the property. 


Popular fencing products for the residential garden environment include PVC and galvanised diamond mesh, chicken wire mesh, welded mesh, and field fencing wire strands. When purchasing a wire fence and installing it, you will also need to consider the various accessories and fittings required to ensure the integrity of the fence and its purpose. These include security features, such as barbed wire, concertina coils, and flat wrap. Required fittings include the likes of galvanised and PVC coils and various types of plastic droppers to secure wire strands and hold the fence firmly in place. 

If you are looking for a range of garden fencing solutions to choose from, you would benefit from chatting to one of our specialists at Plastic Droppers. We can point you in the direction of top fencing suppliers in your area. All of our trusted suppliers are also familiar with working with our high-quality, rust-proof plastic droppers, which means that not only are you assured of a competitive price, but also of a professional service provider that will have everything installed and set up correctly first time around. Choosing our fencing products and fittings will ensure that your fence remains a sound investment and does not need unnecessary and costly repairs and replacements over the years.

For more information and advice on our garden fencing accessories and security products, and to find a stockist near you, contact us via email or telephone at Plastic Droppers today.


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