The Y Dropper

This does not replace the Y-Standard and is aimed at the agricultural, game-, cattle- and electrical fence industry, it is with great pride
that I take this opportunity to introduce our proven product.
We sell a UNIQUE SOLID, PVC Y-pole that is VERY STRONG AND RIGID resulting in the
“non slip” of the fence wire as well as maintaining even wires spacing.
The Yermediate pole/dropper is:

  • Used as a between-wicket where the support is needed
  • Fire retardand.
  • UV protected.
  • Ideal to support small trees and plants.
  • Ideal to support fences i.e. “Bonnox” fences and mountainous areas
  • Swamp areas


  • Form: Y shape.
  • Sides of Y are 25mm
  • Structure: solid with grooves on one side.
  • Strength: Very strong and rigid.
  • Return to original position after impact.
  • Weight: 340 gram per meter
  • Flexibility: 0 to +80 degree Celsius. Does not brake even if bended.
  • UV protection; 10 - 15 years.
  • Fire retardant properties.
  • Excellent resistance (no attack) to acids.
  • No electricity drainage (ideal for electrical fencing)
  • Length: any required length.
  • The factory is situated in Pretoria and delivery can be arranged.
  • It lowers the erecting- and maintenance costs with an average of 60%.






Plastic Y-pole (small) (800x450)


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