The Role of Plastic Droppers and Fencing Corner Posts

When installing a new fence, it is important to avoid the common mistakes. Take the time to thoroughly plan before you get to work. A fence that is used to divide property, provide security, or contain livestock, needs to be sturdy and strong. A great deal of a fence’s strength will depend on the posts used. The corner post will provide the bulk of the fencing structure’s stability and strength, but it is part of a system. 


It is the use of plastic droppers that will supplement the fence’s stability and strength by ensuring fencing wire strands are kept the correct distance apart. Without plastic droppers, your fence would lack in terms of stability and strength, no matter how strong the corner posts are. 

When using droppers and corner posts to create a strong and sturdy fence, it is advantageous to opt for plastic droppers over other varieties on the market. You may be tempted to buy metal droppers as they may be cheaper, but plastic droppers will prove more beneficial in the long run. You will find that our plastic droppers are designed with prominent grooves to ensure that wire cables are firmly held the correct distance apart. The wire strands can be easily slipped into place, providing the fence the ability to withstand an impact of considerable force without the strands separating. Metal droppers with ridges are not as easily affixed to the fence and they are prone to theft to be sold for scrap metal. They also conduct electricity, so they are not ideal for electric fences. Choose wisely – choose plastic droppers made from recycled thermoplastic. 

If you would like to ensure that your fencing has the best possible integrity, take the time to speak to the fencing professionals about your corner posts, fencing wires, and plastic droppers. For more information, advice, and guidance, contact us via email or telephone at Plastic Droppers today. 


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