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How to Ensure the Long-Term Integrity & Durability of Your Farm Fencing 

Plastic droppers have made affordable and sustainable farm fencing possible in South Africa. While some might think that a simple wire farm fence is sufficient, it doesn’t really cater to long-term durability of a fence. When a wire fence is installed, the wires are strung and set at a taught tension. It’s immediately apparent that the potential for wires to spread open and allow livestock to pass through exists. This also means that trespassers can gain unauthorised access to the property. 


The wires being spread is not the only danger at hand. Over time, the tension of the strung wires will naturally loosen. To prevent this particular problem, and to ensure that farm fencing is more secure, fencing posts are often spaced closer together, but this can increase the overall cost of fencing, as more materials are required, more installation efforts are needed, and the maintenance costs of the fence will increase. 

One particular solution is that of installing droppers between the fencing posts. These are more cost effective than fencing posts, and will ensure that the integrity of the fence remains intact for the long term. Droppers can be used on all types of wire fences, regardless of whether they are electric or not. 

The main function of droppers is to ensure that the correct spacing of wires between fencing posts is maintained. They also provide good visibility between posts, which helps both workers and livestock. When selecting droppers for your farm fencing, make sure that you select droppers that are strong enough to withstand the potential heavy impact of livestock. They should be easily attached and removed from the fence, without causing damage, and be available at a cost-effective price.  

While droppers are available in a variety of materials and designs, it is the plastic dropper that has caught the attention of farmers and agricultural organisations countrywide. Our droppers are made from 100% recycled materials and have been awarded the silver Best Recycled Product Award from the SA Plastics Recycling Organisation. As such, they are highly sustainable and a sound investment for any farming/agricultural environment. 

For a range of cost-effective, high-quality, and durable plastic droppers for your farm fencing, contact us via email or telephone at Plastic Droppers today. 


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