Wire Mesh Fencing

Why South African Industry Still Prefers Wire Mesh Fencing


Wire mesh fencing continues to be one of the most preferred types of fencing used across a wide spectrum of economic sectors in South Africa, and with good reason. This versatile fencing system is made of either galvanised or stainless steel, which makes it particularly useful in agricultural and industrial applications. The flexibility of wire mesh fencing has made it a valuable and useful product. With its ductile strength, it is not easily destroyed, and importantly, not easily damaged by the harsh South African climate.



These are the very reasons why many consumers choose wire mesh fencing for use in their projects. Thanks to its robust properties, wire mesh can excel in harsh weather. It protects livestock from intruders, such as predators and wild animals, and will guarantee the safety of your animals without obstructing good vegetation and ventilation flow. This is particularly important when looking to maintain a healthy growth of livestock.


Wire mesh fencing is also resistant to pressure that animals might apply. It keeps livestock in place, and its long-lasting, low-maintenance properties make it even more suitable for areas where corrosion is usually a problem. Look forward to maintenance-free, low-cost, and durable fencing solutions for your commercial and industrial operations when choosing durable wire mesh fencing.


How You Can Maximise the Return on Investment from Your Wire Mesh Fencing


Unless the tension of the wire between the posts remains correct, the wire mesh fencing will eventually collapse. This leads to the fence becoming easier to breach by criminals and predators. To keep it functional and neat, we recommend using durable, corrosion- and fire-resistant plastic droppers from our product catalogue. By choosing our plastic droppers, you will greatly maximise the usefulness and lifespan of your wire mesh fencing.



Our plastic droppers help to keep the mesh fencing stiff, but also flexible at the same time, so that it is still capable of absorbing impact. They feature an average breaking strength of 2,5 kN, and have been SABS tested and approved. Tap into our lifetime of experience and expertise, and let us help you keep your livestock safe and secure. To learn more about our affordable, durable, and weather-resistant plastic droppers, and to find out how we can help you enjoy an even greater lifespan from your wire mesh fencing, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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