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Choosing the Right Fencing Posts is Important for the Integrity of Your Fence

Too many people overlook the importance of choosing the right fencing posts when having a new garden, farm or perimeter fence installed. Concrete and wooden fencing posts are the most popular and can quite easily be worked with.

If you are installing wire fencing or an electric fence, you need to ensure that the fence will remain sturdy and strong, and a lot of this will depend on the posts that you use and how professionally they are installed. If your posts aren’t correctly installed and secured, you can expect your fence to lose “shape”, become unstable, and even need repairs and replacement early on.

At Plastic Droppers, we highly recommend that you choose your fencing contractor wisely. We have a list of preferred contractors available on our website and encourage you to consult with our list before making a decision. We also suggest that you take the time to ensure that you install the required accessories and optional extras, in order to maintain the integrity of your fence’s strength. Our plastic droppers are a fine example of the type of fencing accessory that can promote the integrity of your fence.

Plastic droppers are affixed to the wire cables of the fence to ensure that the cables are kept at the correct tension between the fencing posts. They also ensure that the wires don’t move out of place and are kept the correct distance apart from each other. What does this mean for your fence? It means that the fence wires don’t easily move, so access into the property (or out of it in the situation of containing livestock) is not easy. They also ensure that the wires of the fence don’t become damaged in the event of an impact.

Want to learn more about the right fencing posts for your fence and our range of plastic droppers? Get in touch with us via email or telephone at Plastic Droppers today.

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