Farm Fencing

What You Need to Know About Regulations & Standards in SA Regarding Farm Fencing

Farm fencing has been used effectively over the years to demarcate land ownership/usage and to manage livestock. Fencing can be used to improve the use of pastures, especially in agricultural situations where crops and fields are used in rotation. In the past, barbed wire fences were typically used in the farming community. The fences were supported by posts and droppers were used between the posts to keep the wire fence strands correctly spaced and at the right tension. These types of fences were considered ideal for creating a barrier for livestock and trespassers. Unfortunately, standard 5 wire barbed fencing is expensive and not a viable option to all farm owners.

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Mesh Fencing

How to Do DIY Mesh Fencing Installation

Whether you are looking for mesh fencing to pet proof your garden, contain livestock or provide a barrier of security from the outside world, we have a list of preferred contractors in your area for you to consider. Mesh fencing is a practical way to enclose any space, big or small. If you are looking for a fencing solution that is simple, yet strong and long-lasting, wire mesh fencing is just that.

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Fencing Posts

Choosing the Right Fencing Posts is Important for the Integrity of Your Fence

Too many people overlook the importance of choosing the right fencing posts when having a new garden, farm or perimeter fence installed. Concrete and wooden fencing posts are the most popular and can quite easily be worked with.

If you are installing wire fencing or an electric fence, you need to ensure that the fence will remain sturdy and strong, and a lot of this will depend on the posts that you use and how professionally they are installed. If your posts aren’t correctly installed and secured, you can expect your fence to lose “shape”, become unstable, and even need repairs and replacement early on.

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