Farm Fencing

Support Your Farm Fencing with Our SABS-Approved Plastic Droppers

Have you ever wondered what the merits of plastic droppers are? Plastic droppers pick up where steel droppers drop the ball. If you’re looking for an answer to expensive, poor-quality, and flimsy steel droppers, then you’ve come to the right place. You will soon learn about the many reasons behind our industry-leading reputation for the manufacture and supply of droppers that help keep farm fences operating optimally across South Africa.

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Wire Mesh Fencing

Why South African Industry Still Prefers Wire Mesh Fencing


Wire mesh fencing continues to be one of the most preferred types of fencing used across a wide spectrum of economic sectors in South Africa, and with good reason. This versatile fencing system is made of either galvanised or stainless steel, which makes it particularly useful in agricultural and industrial applications. The flexibility of wire mesh fencing has made it a valuable and useful product. With its ductile strength, it is not easily destroyed, and importantly, not easily damaged by the harsh South African climate.

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Plastic Droppers for Sale

Choose 100% Recycled Plastic Droppers for Sale in South Africa

If you are looking for plastic droppers for sale, you are probably looking for products to assist with maintaining the integrity of your fence, and ensuring the safe and secure containment of livestock. Droppers are also quite effective with spreading pressure from animals leaning on the fence from a single wire to all wires. This ensures that the risk of overloading and wire breakage is minimised, while the fence is strengthened. The latest plastic droppers for sale on the market are designed with deep grooves, which means that they can quickly be clipped onto the fence with no need for wire ties. 

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Game Fences

What Do You Expect from Game Fences?


The answer to this question is an important one, since you have to know what you’re looking for before you can start the search. Do you expect them to last a long time? To be weather- and heat-resistant? Do you want game fences that will stand the test of time? While many of the fences used in game farms today achieve all this, they have one Achilles heel – their droppers.

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Plastic Droppers

How Plastic Droppers Are Spaced & Installed

Plastic droppers are used on various types of fencing, to ensure that the wire strands remain at the correct tension and spacing. Typically speaking, droppers are only attached to the wire fence after the wires have been set at the correct tension. When droppers are installed, they are kept above the ground (they should not touch the earth or be planted into the ground), to ensure that the fence remains flexible and that the droppers are always in an upright, vertical position. 

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