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Plastic droppers are made from recycled material for use on garden fencing. This particular product became popular when the market was experiencing growing problems with the rigid nature of steel and wooden droppers. When it comes to fencing products, wire fencing in particular, it is important to keep the wires evenly apart from each other, especially if you are containing livestock. While the droppers keep the wires fixed between the numerous posts, it does not form a rigid barrier which means that the fence won’t snap and neither will the dropper if there is an impact.

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Plastic Droppers South Africa

Why Plastic Droppers are Preferred over Steel Varieties in South Africa

The question many people are asking is why plastic droppers are a popular option on the market in South Africa. What many property and farm owners have started to realise is that the old steel droppers have become more trouble than what they are worth.

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Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing for Wildlife Protection and Security

Electric fencing has its place in this day and age in South Africa. It can be used to contain wildlife as well as to provide security to private homes. While these fences are absolutely functional, they may need to be maintained regularly to keep them in a good condition. The wires / cables often move, but these can be held firmly in place with droppers. It is important to invest in droppers than can keep the wires at the correct distance with ease and without snapping. While the market caters to a variety of steel options, it is best to invest in those that are made from high density polyethylene. This is because the plastic variety is not stolen to sell for scrap metal and you will be surprised at just how durable they actually are.  

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Electrical Fencing

Invest in Plastic Droppers for Your Electrical Fence

Farm fencing is not what it used to be. In this day and age the average farm or game fence will not pose much of a challenge to the thief or even animals. Many farms now include an electrical fence and to ensure that these fences remain unharmed and fully functional, plastic droppers are used. Plastic droppers keep the wires of the fence at a certain distance from each other. While it holds the fence and wires quite firmly, it does not put any tension on it, to ensure that the fence operates to its peak potential at all times.  


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Plastic Droppers

Plastic Droppers Designed for Electric Fencing – Strong, Durable and Fire Resistant

If you are conscious about security and keeping your wildlife contained, and have an electric fence installed, you are probably well aware of the function of plastic droppers. These little units are created to ensure that wires on the fence are kept apart, at a fixed and set distance. While they can be firmly attached to the fence, they are not stiff which means that the fence can still absorb impact when required.


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