Fencing Posts

Secure Your Fencing Posts with Sturdy and Reliable Plastic Droppers

If you are looking to secure your fencing posts with fire-retardant and moisture-resistant plastic droppers, you have come to the right place. Our plastic droppers are the essential frontline defence in keeping your livestock safe while preventing unauthorised entry to your grazing grounds. Our droppers directly impact the safety of your livestock, and help to cut down on livestock theft that can cripple a farmer's operations.

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Farm Fencing

Secure Your Farm's Fencing with Fire-Resistant Plastic Droppers

One of the biggest threats facing the South African agricultural sector is veld fires. Their devastation is indiscriminate and utterly destructive. Our plastic droppers have been developed to withstand enormous amounts amounts of heat, and are SABS-tested to withstand the relentless onslaught of fires. The droppers' flashpoint, which refers to their melting point, is 250 °C. Put in context, the direct heat in front of a veld fire is usually about 200 °C. This simply means our droppers are unlikely to ever suffer fire damage, keeping your farm fencing standing strong in the face of unyielding veld and wildfires.

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Plastic Dropper

Here is why Your Farm Fencing Needs Plastic Droppers

Are you spending more money, time, and labour on repairing fencing that continues to slip off its steel droppers' ridges? Plastic droppers are designed to address the shortfalls of inferior quality steel droppers. We have designed a grooved plastic dropper that is SABS-tested and -approved, and it has received numerous industry accolades for being the new standard bearer in fencing.

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Steel Droppers

Here is Your Alternative to Expensive Steel Droppers

For those disillusioned by the fallibility and expense of steel droppers, the plastic dropper should come as a welcome relief. More and more farmers make use of plastic droppers these days, and for many great reasons. Our quality plastic droppers weigh up favourably against steel units, since they are SABS-tested and approved, and also received the Silver Award from SAPRO for being the Best Recycled Product.

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Wire Mesh Fencing

Some Practical Tips on Installing Wire Mesh Fencing


While it is always recommended that you use professional wire mesh fencing installers to take care of such a fence’s installation, there are a few practical tips you can follow to make your fencing installation go smoothly, without taking up too much of your time.

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