Wire Fencing

Support Your Wire Fencing with Quality and Durable Plastic Droppers

Wire fencing is a popular choice of fencing in South Africa's agricultural sector. It helps keep livestock safe and prevents unauthorised entry to grazing areas. Yet more and more farmers are looking at new types of droppers to keep their wire fencing straight and evenly spaced, moving away from the steel variety in a bid to save money and decrease their carbon footprint, among other reasons.

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Plastic Droppers for Sale

Why More and More Farmers are Buying Plastic Droppers

There is a reason why plastic droppers have risen in popularity in recent years. In fact, there are quite a few. As more and more farmers and other agricultural players become aware of the great benefits that plastic droppers offer, many are choosing this variety over their steel counterparts. Our plastic droppers are an award-winning fencing product manufactured from 100% recycled material.

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Steel Dropper Prices

Stop Being Charged Expensive Steel Dropper Prices

In the past, farmers and other agricultural businesses had little choice but to pay exorbitant steel dropper prices. Today, there are more options available to them. Many farmers and companies have made the move to plastic droppers, for a variety of valid reasons. Steel droppers continue to present numerous problems with few solutions to address them. For one, because they are made of metal, these steel droppers are excellent conductors of electricity. This is truly the last thing you need when you have an electric fence that you need to keep evenly spaced to ensure compliance with national regulations; any conductivity between different wires will cause a short circuit, rendering your expensive security fence entirely useless.

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Solid Plastic Droppers to Keep Your Fence Sturdy

One of the greatest threats facing agriculture and farming across South Africa is stock theft. It's because of this that reliable and sturdy fencing is not only important, but a necessity today. However, your fence is only as strong as your droppers. Without adequate droppers, your fence will sag and be susceptible to the elements and to criminals looking to subvert it.

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Steel Droppers

We Have the Solution to Expensive, Low-quality Steel Droppers

Plastic droppers have become widely adopted in the farm fencing industry across South Africa, and with good reason. As technology evolved over the years, the development of plastic has given steel droppers a good run for their money. Everyone is concerned with the security of their properties and the safety of their livestock today. Many property owners have invested in electric fencing to boost the security and safety of their stock and occupants of the property.

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