Farm Fencing

Keep your Stock Safe with Quality and Durable Farm Fencing that Stands the Test of Time

Any fence consists of three basic components: fencing wire, the uprights, and the binding wires that keep everything together. Using materials and components manufactured to SABS quality standards, you can vastly extend the lifespan of the fence. Steel and plastic droppers are used to keep the fencing wire, attached with binding wires, at a specific level of spacing.

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Farm Fencing Prices

Plastic Droppers Recommends Farm Fencing Suppliers for Best Farm Fencing Prices

At Plastic Droppers, we suggest that you consider our recommended fencing suppliers if you are looking for the best farm fencing prices. To budget for your new farm fence, search for a supplier that can provide you with a quotation complete with all the extra components required to ensure the integrity and longevity of the fence. In South Africa, fencing is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Fencing components are also at risk as opportunistic criminals seek to steal metal parts to sell as scrap metal. Fence tampering is also a concern for local agricultural businesses as it is easy for unauthorised entry to be gained through farm fencing.

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Steel Fence Posts

Using Steel Fence Posts in Conjunction with Plastic Droppers

The integrity of your fence greatly depends on the fencing posts and components that you use. Steel fence posts are preferred for farm fencing and residential security fencing in South Africa, and for good reason. All you need to do is ensure that your steel posts are painted in rustproof paint so that they can withstand long-term exposure to the elements. Steel fence posts have proven themselves over the years in terms of durability, strength and longevity. When it comes to maintenance requirements, steel fence posts will require a great deal less than wooden fence posts.

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Fencing Posts

Fencing Posts in Conjunction with Plastic Droppers Makes for a Strong Fence

The fencing posts that you use in the setup of your farm fencing are important. They will determine how sturdy your fence is and will affect the fence's integrity and longevity – but it is not just up to the fencing posts. Just like the fencing posts must provide strength, durability and sturdiness to the fence, so must the other fencing components. Once the fencing posts are anchored, the metal strands or cables must be affixed to them. It is important to use the correct spacing between each fence post as this can determine just how strong a barrier your fence can form. If the fencing posts are set too far apart, the fencing strands can appear lax or they can stretch and twist out of position.

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Wire Mesh Fencing

Protect the Integrity and Prolong the Lifespan of Your Wire Mesh Fencing

Even wire mesh fencing can lose its integrity over time. Unfortunately, it happens that with long-term exposure to the elements, strain and wear, a fence can become loose and the ability to contain livestock and game deteriorates. Over the years, keeping a wire mesh fence in good repair would require fastening it to the posts securely and repairing parts of the fence as damage occurred. These days, the integrity of this already durable fence can be assured by installing plastic droppers.

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