Farm Fencing

Do You Need Farm Fencing? Choose the Right Fencing Materials

Farm fencing in the South African agricultural environment is vitally important. Roaming livestock, unauthorised access to property and the definitive separation of property would become an even greater concern without the right farm fencing in place. Over the years, fencing has not seen too many changes, but there have been improvements that have made a world of difference to the reliability and effectiveness of farm fencing across the country.

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Steel Droppers

How do Plastic Droppers Compare to Steel Droppers?

If you are in the fencing industry or you own a fence that needs maintenance and repairs from time to time, you have most probably heard of droppers and their importance. For many years steel droppers were the product of choice, but in recent times, plastic droppers have started to displace them as a better choice for several reasons. If you are not sure how plastic droppers and steel droppers compare, this short run-down might help:

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Common Fencing Mistakes to Be Aware Of and Why Droppers Are Your Best Choice

If you're erecting a fence, whether for livestock control, security or to divide properties, it's important to make sure that you do things right, and don't forget anything. There are a few common fencing mistakes that people make regularly that we would like to help you to avoid. Let's check them out:

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Wire Spacing

The Importance of the Correct Wire Spacing for High Tensile Wire Fences

What type of fencing do you use? Is it important to pay attention to fence wire spacing? These are but two of the questions many people ask fencing professionals. In the agricultural and farming industries, fencing is of the utmost importance. They are also quite useful in the residential environment. A fence is typically used for the following reasons:

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Plastic Fencing

Plastic Fencing Droppers – A Fencing Component You Simply Can't Do Without

When installing your perimeter or security fence, you will undoubtedly benefit from the inclusion of plastic fencing components, such as our plastic droppers. Too many people overlook the importance of these droppers and probably because the long term integrity and effectiveness of the fence aren't considered on the day of installation or lead up to it. Your newly installed fence is bound to look great and be sturdy.

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