Choose Plastic Droppers for a Fence that Lasts

Typical fences consist of three main components: The wire used for the fencing strands, the binding wire to hold everything in place, and the uprights. By choosing the best quality fencing materials, you can ensure that your farm or perimeter fence has a long service life. For instance, choosing rust-resistant galvanised wire will certainly extend the expected lifespan of the fence. Another component that can extend its lifespan is the dropper that you choose. Droppers are used to keep fencing wire and binding wires at the correct distance and tension.


Modern, 100% recycled plastic droppers are designed quite differently to droppers of the past. These particular droppers have no need for binding wire. They are deeply grooved, not ridged, for a secure fit of the wires, and they have already earned themselves a great reputation for being able to keep fencing wires evenly spaced and the fence taut, without being too taut. In conjunction with galvanised wire, plastic droppers afford you a completely rust-proof fence.

The fact that there is no need for binding wire already makes the plastic dropper a popular choice, but there is so much more to this product that makes it a really good investment. When using these droppers, you can expect the fence to be installed more quickly and cost-effectively. As a result of the plastic material it is manufactured from, there is no risk of rust and corrosion, which immediately adds years to the fence’s expected lifespan. If a fire breaks out, the fire-retardant plastic droppers can survive 200-degree Celsius temperatures.  It takes a matter of seconds to attach and secure a plastic dropper to an electric fence. What is more, you can be assured that your non-conductive plastic dropper will not short-circuit the fence. 

Of course, every fence is different and so plastic droppers need to be available in various lengths. While our droppers are available in standard lengths, we can custom supply any length as needed. Plastic droppers are ideal for use on property perimeter fencing, garden fencing, and even farming and agricultural fencing. Whether you are looking for a security fence or need to contain game, livestock, or domestic animals, plastic droppers can ensure the durability and integrity of your fence. 

If you would like to learn more about our range of plastic droppers and their benefits over wooden and steel droppers, contact us via email or telephone today.