Plastic Droppers
SABS Tested
These droppers will keep your fence reliable and your live stock safe.

RidgedropTM Dropper

Farm Fencing | Electrical Fencing

Our Droppers are used in the agricultural, game, cattle and electrical fence industry

The RidgedropTM Dropper is a UNIQUE, SOLID, HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) plastic dropper with a (1)specific grip design for fencing resulting in the “non-slip” of the fence wire as well as maintaining even wire spacing.

This unique dropper is flexible to be able to absorb high impact without breaking and return to its original position and not stay bended as for example steel droppers do.

(1) Design model Nr: F2010/00430 – patent Nr: 2012/02679

Oval Plastic Dropper

The Dropper

  • SABS tested (2.9kN); VERY STRONG but FLEXIBLE to be able to absorb impact.
  • UV protected.
  • High resistance against veldt fires.
  • Ideal for electrical fences.
  • Prominent ridges keep wires from slipping.
  • Does not bend or become crooked due to sunlight/cold.
  • Cannot snap.


  • Form: Oval shape (20 x 16mm)
  • Structure: solid with ridges.
  • Strength: 2.9kN
  • Weight: 200 gram per meter
  • Flexibility: 0 to +80 degree Celsius. Do not break even if bended.
  • UV protection; 20-30 years.
  • Fire resistant properties.
  • Excellent resistance (no attack) to acids.
  • No electricity drainage (ideal for electrical fencing)
  • Length: any required length.
  • The factory is situated in Pretoria and delivery can be arranged.
  • It lowers the erecting- and maintenance costs with an average of 60%.
SAPRO Best Recycled Product Competition

Winner of the 2013 and 2017 SAPRO 100% Recyclate product Silver award.

SABS Tested

The droppers have been tested by the SABS and have been found to have a break power of 2.995kN. It only started to stretch at 3.01 kN.