Plastic Droppers
SABS Tested
These droppers will keep your fence reliable and your live stock safe.

Y-Pole (Y-standard replacement)

Farm Fencing | Electrical Fencing

Our Droppers are used in the agricultural, game, cattle and electrical fence industry

This pole replaces the steel Y-standard.
It’s unique shape on the inside makes it very strong and rigid.
Due to its characteristics, it is able to absorb high impact but still keep your fence upright.
It has high resistance against veld fires.
To add additional resistance, you can fill the inside of the pole with sand or a mixture sand and cement.
This also adds more than double to its current strength.

Hierdie Y-paal vervang die staal Y-standard.
Sy unieke vorm aan die binne kant maak dit baie sterk en rigied.
As gevolg kan sy karakteristieke kan dit hoe impak absorbeer en nogsteeds die heining regop hou.
Dit het ‘n hoë weerstand teen veld brande.
Deur die paal met sand of ‘n sand/sement mengsel te vul, vermeerder mens die weerstand teen brande.
Dit maak die paal ook meer as dubbel sterker.


 We make a standard

  • Y-pole: 5/8mm sidewall
  • Heavy duty Y-pole: 7/10mm sidewall
  • 63mm Diameter

SAPRO Best Recycled Product Competition

Winner of the 2013 and 2017 SAPRO 100% Recyclate product Silver award.

SABS Tested

The droppers have been tested by the SABS and have been found to have a break power of 2.995kN. It only started to stretch at 3.01 kN.