Plastic Droppers for Sale

Choose 100% Recycled Plastic Droppers for Sale in South Africa

If you are looking for plastic droppers for sale, you are probably looking for products to assist with maintaining the integrity of your fence, and ensuring the safe and secure containment of livestock. Droppers are also quite effective with spreading pressure from animals leaning on the fence from a single wire to all wires. This ensures that the risk of overloading and wire breakage is minimised, while the fence is strengthened. The latest plastic droppers for sale on the market are designed with deep grooves, which means that they can quickly be clipped onto the fence with no need for wire ties. 

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Plastic Droppers

How Plastic Droppers Are Spaced & Installed

Plastic droppers are used on various types of fencing, to ensure that the wire strands remain at the correct tension and spacing. Typically speaking, droppers are only attached to the wire fence after the wires have been set at the correct tension. When droppers are installed, they are kept above the ground (they should not touch the earth or be planted into the ground), to ensure that the fence remains flexible and that the droppers are always in an upright, vertical position. 

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Farm Fencing

How to Ensure the Long-Term Integrity & Durability of Your Farm Fencing 

Plastic droppers have made affordable and sustainable farm fencing possible in South Africa. While some might think that a simple wire farm fence is sufficient, it doesn’t really cater to long-term durability of a fence. When a wire fence is installed, the wires are strung and set at a taught tension. It’s immediately apparent that the potential for wires to spread open and allow livestock to pass through exists. This also means that trespassers can gain unauthorised access to the property. 

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Garden Fencing

Install Garden Fencing That Stands the Test of Time

While garden fencing will not need to have the same strength and stability as a farm fence designed to contain livestock, it still needs to be sturdy and strong enough to provide security and deter criminals. The garden fence might also be expected to ensure the family pets are kept inside the designated garden area and that small children do not find their way into the street (or into an adjacent property). It is important that you pay just as much attention to the integrity of your garden fencing installation as you would to any other security feature on your property. 

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Plastic Fencing

Plastic Fencing Droppers Providing Affordable and Reliable Strength and Stability to Fencing

If you have been looking for a solution to your fencing stability and strength problems, plastic fencing droppers are the answer. The plastic dropper is a fencing component that does not get the praise it deserves. It has become a popular fencing product thanks to its excellent strength and durability under all conditions. The range that we stock has been well proven in both domestic and agricultural fencing applications for quite a number of years, and it must be noted that our plastic fencing solution is SABS-tested and has received the highly respected Silver Award for the SAPRO Best Recycled Product. 

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