Farm Fencing

Support Your Farm Fencing with Fire-Retardant and Moisture-Resistant Plastic Droppers


Farm fencing is a necessity in South Africa’s agricultural sector. Not only is it an essential frontline defence in keeping livestock safe, but it also prevents unauthorised entry to grazing grounds. This directly impacts the safety of livestock, and cuts down on devastating theft that can cripple a farmer’s farming operations. More and more farmers are choosing quality plastic droppers to help keep their farm fencing straight and evenly spaced, moving away from outdated steel droppers in a bid to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Wire Fencing

Support Your Wire Fencing with Quality, Durable, Plastic Droppers


Droppers form an important part of the sustainability and efficacy of any form of wire fencing. Our plastic droppers are designed to support any type of security fencing, making sure that the fence stays rigid, and that wires remain spaced and separated. Most importantly, it ensures that your fence works reliably.

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Security Fencing

Support Your Security Fencing with Fire-Resistant Plastic Droppers

If you have been searching for plastic droppers that will not let you down, you have found them. Plastic droppers support security fencing, making sure that it stays rigid, that the wires remain spaced and separated, and that it works reliably. We have developed SABS-tested plastic droppers proven to withstand the onslaught of heat and flame. Our droppers' flashpoint, which refers to the melting point without flame, is 250 °C. The direct heat of a veld fire is usually up to 200 °C, which means our droppers will be unlikely to ever suffer damage.

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Mesh Fencing

Protect Your Livestock with Reliable and Dependable Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing remains a highly robust, practical and contemporary form of security fencing, and its popularity is on the rise among commercial businesses in South Africa. It has become a popular choice for permanent site security, offering a stylish design and rigid construction. If you are in search of an extremely reliable fencing system to keep unwanted trespassers off your property and your assets secured, you've found it.

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Steel Droppers

The Merits of Plastic over Steel Droppers

Are there good reasons for opting for plastic over steel droppers? You don't have to look far to come up with the many reasons why the popularity of plastic droppers has outranked that of its steel counterparts'. More and more agricultural players prefer using plastic units these days, and for very good reasons. Our plastic droppers are SABS-tested and received the Silver Award from SAPRO for being the Best Recycled Product. But why do they beat steel droppers, which have been used all these years? Let's take a look at some of the reasons:

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